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How to Control Damp and Condensation when overwintering Boats

Remove all valuables(!) detachable gadgets, Navigational aids, Flares, Fenders, Fire extinguishers, gas bottles, batteries, water canisters, bottles and cans of drink, and all food.

Remove all damp or wet items, clean out lockers thoroughly. Check where possible under carpets and mats for held damp areas.

Remove all loose cushions and covers, take out as much as possible of all moisture bearing materials that you can and thoroughly spring clean the whole interior. empty and clean cupboards, and lockers. Fridges and cookers. Deep Vacuum Hoover carpets and seating getting right into corners and crevices.

Clean the windows inside checking seals are good and very lightly smear olive oil the to these seals. Check the curtain runners and folds of the curtains (its around these areas that flies and insect larvae overwinter ready to hatch out on a warm day and eat your boat from the inside).

Large cushions that cannot be removed turn on edge to get the air around them.

Check hatches are closing correctly and seals are intact, smear olive oil around these seals and lubricate all mechanisms.

Close off all vents and apertures to the outside that you can, virtually closing off all exposure to outside air.

Find the best place to hang your Dampstick. Remember that when your pole is full it will weigh 2.5Kg (or 2 ½ x 2 lb bags of sugar ) so the hanger must be secure and able to hold that weight. The Dampstick can hang in the centre or the side facing into the cabin.

Cover the Windows with a reflective foil, a foiled bubble wrap ,the type that you may be used behind radiators in your home is idea as it has some measure of support and is easy to cut to shape.

Activate your hanging Dampstick pole and pull the curtains.

Lubricate the cabin door hinges and locks ,check the door seals putting Vaseline into key holes Close the cabin door and lock up .
Your Dampstick will last, depending on the humidity and size of cabin, for 3 months+ but check during this period.

All this cleaning and checking is to reduce the risk of condensation, damp, mould and insect damage. We all intend to do things later including visiting and checking our boats or caravans etc but we often allow them to stand too long only to find the next season the damage that could have been prevented with more vigilance.

Does your insurance company cover you for damp or condensation damage in your caravan? Prevent it effectively with The Dampstick.